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Milan / Casa Ramen Super: explosive ramen

The best izakaya in Milan is a small restaurant in via Ugo Bassi, few square meters covered in water green parquet and furnished with a modern touch and tones ranging from blue to yellow to grey.

The small wooden tables can accommodate 2 or 3 guests but bigger groups have the opportunity to share a big community table surmounted by a huge painting of Margherita Martinelli, a succession of brush strokes lashed with the patience of a sushi apprentice and the accuracy of a samurai.

In the spirit of a modern izakaya, Casa Ramen Super offers a series of small plates dominated by kakuni (pork ribs), tempura, tonkatsu and dumplings, that opens the door to the best ramen in town, a bowl of dense, creamy and intense pork or chicken broth enhancing the perfect texture of noodles and the tender slices of chashu belly.

The secret behind it is the chef, ‘surprisingly’, the Italian Luca Catalfamo, able to combine an excellent Japanese technique and tradition with the modern need to extract and create explosive and persistent flavors.

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