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Luxembourg / Tailors Concept and chef Adriano Baldassarre: Veni, Vidi, Vici

Like a new Caesar, Chef Adriano Baldassare is moving around to push the outpost of his cuisine at the four corners of the Empire.

After having established his career in Rome with Tordomatto (one Michelin star) and crowned the General role outside the limes (the boundaries) of the Empire with the recent opening of Perbacco in Mumbai, Chef Baldassarre abandons the cursus honorum to start a new adventure as tailor in Luxembourg.

Yes, you understood it correctly: tailor.

Tailor is synonymous of made-to-measure, fine fabrics, elegance, attention to details and customer care... this must have been probably the reasoning behind the name and set up of the concept restaurant that will host the escapes of the Roman chef in the country resting on the banks of the Mosel river.

His cuisine, cosmopolitan and contemporary, brings in town the ‘dynamic evolution’ of the tradition, and his menu, the freshness of dill and tarragon, the light acidity of blueberries and a great handling of cooking techniques, sometimes combined with foie gras and pork knuckle, not to disappoint the more traditional Luxemburgish mouths.

While the main focus will remain Rome and Tordomatto, the chef will be in town every 2/3 months to stay for about one week. In the meantime, the execution of the menu will be handled by a French talented ‘Superintendent' who I bet will leave his ‘buttery’ fingerprint. PS. I was about to forget! There is still something in the basement for the thirsty guests. Few steps down the stairs ending in front of a heavy door protected by a 4-digit code. The last surprise of the tailor.

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