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Milan / Wood*ing Bar feat. Santi Lastra: take a walk on the wild side

In the poetic of Walt Whitman, nature is celebrated as a tribute to freedom that inevitably brings with it the fear of the unknown: ‘not recognizing other law outside of us (...), we fear avars, servants and priests, breathing air, drinking water, dancing on the lawns or on the beaches’.

At Wooding bar, the unknown forest starts looking a bit more familiar and ‘human’ when Valeria takes your hand and walks with you...Small and soft steps through the leaves of malva, wild garlic and the yellow top of dandelion, discovering the mushy essence of the soil and the bitter taste of roots.

Foraging is the ancestral art of searching for food resources, the most natural and wild form of exploring nature around to feed and sustain species. At the same time, the most respectful and sustainable.

More common in the Nordics, it found in Valeria Margherita Mosca Caglio and Wooding the highest expression on the Italian soil.

We had the opportunity to discover the restaurant in the occasion of a special summer dinner featuring Santiago Lastra Rodriguez, Mexican chef resident in London, with a parenthesis in the kitchen of Noma Mexico. The foraging menu, presented according to the canons of Mexican beauty - tostada and tacos with pinches of smoked chili -, unveils his beating Nordic heart with fermented roots, clams and seafood (but also an Italian education with pistachio and burrata). A mix of bitter and spicy flavours, earthy at the time, not always rounded but with a pleasantly natural saltiness.

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