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Milan / Pavè: the breakfast place in Milan

Since it’s opening, Pavè has become the place to be for breakfast in Milan.

Pastry shop and bakery serving the finest raw material and one of the best bread in town, Pavé attracts customers for its atmosphere and the conviviality of the breakfast room, that in the original plans of the owners wanted to replicate the familiarity of the grandmas’ houses but that in reality recalls the aesthetic canons of some bakeries in the north of Europe.

Pastries are very much French-influenced with crunchy and buttery croissants, short pastries, Saint Honoré and lemon tarte.

Give a try to Tonka: a short pastry with almond/pistachio paste, a raspberry jam and a mousse of whites chocolate.

Excellent filling, well balanced in sweetness, but dough too hard to be eaten properly without shooting pieces around... The line to get a seat inside will not help fixing it but I hope they will improve it!

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