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Belgrade / Ada Medjica: Adem, the guardian of memories

On an island on the Sava river there is a Bosnian man, a philosopher, Adem, who decided to live a life made of memories. Most of them are captured in books. All the others in a wood fired oven that everyday proposes the recipes of his grandma to the friends who accidentally (or not) bump into his home.

There is no menu, only the memories that Adem decides to put on the table for the day.. a cheese pie, a bean soup with oven-smoked bacon, a lamb covered in onions, potatoes and charcoal, brizle (sweetbread) roasted and served with kajmak or sarma - a baby goat stomach filled with other interiors, onions and curcuma.

Make sure to respect the silence when Adem calls for it. One of his friends may start playing a sad Greek song on his guitar or a blues assolo on a harmonica.

To settle the bill, just consult him and share what you got: food, beer (pivo), wine (mix it with sparkling water.. you will thank me), rakjia. He will be generous with you as he does with his memories.

Long life to Adem, guardian of the old times, smiles, music, friendships and life.

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