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Milan / Bomba Niko Romito: street gourmet food

Light dough, long leavening time, delicate frying, mouthwatering fillings.

This is how Niko Romito, ‘three times’ starred chef with Casadonna Reale in Castel di Sangro (IT), took a well known product of the pastry tradition to make it a fast food gourmet break in Milan.

Sweet or savory, ‘la bomba’ (the ‘bomb’), is an homage to memories and an omen for the future. Memory because the bomba is an intimate part of Chef Romito‘s life - it was the hot pick of the family pastry shop in the 70s and specialty of the father Antonio - but also an omen, a reminder for the future, because the future of the Italian cuisine is in the past, in its tradition.

When talking about memories, the savory filling with ‘maiale fondente’ (‘melting pork’) is hard to forget: a veil of mostard, a leaf of lettuce and the tenderness of the pork left sweating on the steam.

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