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Recipe / Egg, white truffle, pumpkin and ricotta

Apart from pasta, egg yolk is a perfect companion for white truffle (and many other things to be fully honest).

Creamy and tasty, it is often served poached, with a veil of cheese fondue or, more simply, in its sunny side version.

For our home recipe, we decided to opt for the latter and give it a twist also thanks to the delicious pumpkin that my friend Sara brought directly from Ferrara (IT), the city that competes with Mantova for the role of pumpkin capital of Italy.

1) Cut a disc of pumpkin of about one finger high. Season with salt, pepper (we used the Tasmanian one) and olive oil. Slam it in the oven at 200 degrees until soft inside and crispy outside.

2) Heat some butter in a pan, add white truffle and open 2 fresh eggs - trying to keep a nice round shape.

3) On a side, mix ricotta cheese and fresh tarragon.

4) Dispose all the ingredients in a plate, starting from the pumpkin and finishing with a couple of ricotta quenelles.

5) Shave the truffle. A lot of it.

6) Make sure to break the yolk and mess a bit around the plate!

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