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Recipe / Chestnut sauce and black truffle pasta

The beauty of autumn is all in the variation of its brown and orange colors.

While in spring and summer ingredients are the produce of sun and air - from which they inherit perfumes, colors and sweetness -, in autumn ingredients collect their soul from soil and silence.

Autumn is indeed a hidden and secret world: pumpkins make their appearance after having carried the last sweetness and ‘orange’ of summer, truffles and mushrooms ‘breath’ the humidity of the underwood, chestnuts grow in a spiked shell before giving up on a bed of leaves, and deers and wild boars move their fast steps on the same soft mattress.

This dish is an homage to this season: spaghetti in chestnut sauce and black truffle.

The main risk of the dish is represented by the sweetness of the chestnut that may prevail over the delicate taste of the black truffle.

To avoid that, my suggestion is to adjust it with a savory little seasoning of olive oil, salt, pepper and chili.

Preparation (for 4):

  1. Roast 300 gr of chestnuts on an iron pan until the shell start detaching

  2. Peel the chestnuts and put them in a pot with water

  3. Boil them until soft and put them in a blender. Adjust with water to keep it liquid. Move the sauce in a pot and keep cooking at low heat

  4. Cook 320 gr of pasta (linguine, spaghetti or bucatini) in salty boiling water. 3 minutes before being ready, pour the pasta in the sauce pot and keep cooking (make sure to keep the sauce not too liquid or thick at this stage).

  5. Once ready, serve on a plate with abundant black truffle (25 gr should suffice)!

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