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Warsaw | Zapiecek: best pierogi in town

At the time we got our table at Zapiecek in Warsaw, Poland, we were planning to be on a plane to Japan.

But once landed in Warsaw for the first leg of the trip in the morning, we were informed that the flight was cancelled and were rebooked on a flight to Seoul. It didn’t take us long to project ourselves savoring a Gangnam style Korean lunch, until the moment we got notice that our flight was cancelled again.

As a result, we decided to drawn the sorrow on the best plate of Pierogi in Warsaw, and found ourselves in a mustard colored room with rainbow fabric, eating the traditional dumplings filled with meat, cabbage, forest mushroom, lentils, cheese... If you are unsure on what to get, just get a mix of them all. Cannot go wrong!

Great texture, tasty and generous filling, intense smell (especially the mushroom ones). The delay seems to be more acceptable now, especially after a couple of pints of their draught beer. Blonde is not my favorite choice for beer but Poland nails it!

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