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Kyoto | Tempura Endo: the fried army

A selection of high quality ingredients and a sequence of few moves, apparently simple in their execution, but truthfully difficult to replicate because result of a lifetime training: tempura!

Tempura Endo is one of the best addresses in town to experience a full course menu of vegetables and fish, lightly ‘powdered’ with flour and washed in the iced mix of flour and water, before the final bath in frying oil.

Being at the counter is like watching a dance: the movements are delicate, the pace is set.

There is a sort of religion going on and it’s silent, until the moment the oil, with its ‘boiling’ sound starts transforming liquid ‘powder’ into the shining shield of an army parading with corn, mushrooms, sardines, eel, pumpkin…

Among the top ones: corn and red snapper in shiso leaf, both sprinkled with matcha.

Ps. Tempura Endo has two locations very close to each other (less than 2 minutes walking distance); so, if you haven’t made your reservation, luck is giving you a second chance!

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