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Kyoto | Tofu Ryori Matsugae: tofu variations

If you are planning to spend the morning in the middle of a bamboo grove, wondering in a Japanese garden or feeding monkeys with peanuts or apples in Arashiyama, why not adding to the list the discovery of the world of tofu?

Until today, my encounters with tofu were limited - most commonly - to miso soup and - in the bravest moments - to its stir-fried version.

The day I entered Matsugae, I discovered that tofu can be made with buckwheat or green tea (the second one being silkier and chopstick unfriendly), that can be boiled (for 3 minutes) and that can be paired with soy sauce or soy milk sauce – green tea tofu and soy milk sauce are the best combo - with a pinch of local chili (ichimi) and green onions.

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