Kyoto | Naruto Taiyaki Hompo: sea bream baked pastries

Snacking around In Japan is clearly not an issue, regardless of the savory or sweet origin of the craving.

There is a caveat tough that has to be mentioned when talking about sweets: despite the variety of shapes and colors, it’s basically impossible to escape from red beans fillings or matcha. There are literally everywhere: you find it in mochi (rice cakes), ice cream, pancakes, biscuits... name it and it will contain red beans or matcha.

Taiyaki (literally ‘baked sea bream’) does not escape the golden rule: sweet red beans paste as filling of a fish baked dessert.

The best place to taste it is the chain Naruto Taiyaki Hompo, that uses only the best adzuchi beans cultivated in Tokachi (Okkaido) and applies the ten-nen concept, preparing the Taiyaki one by one in individual molds.

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