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Kyoto | Nishiki: Kyoto’s kitchen

Kyoto’s main market is a long covered passage, that extend for 5 blocks and is known as Kyoto kitchen.

A long list of ingredients that are used in restaurants around the city can be found here: from fish to seaweed, fresh and dried pickles, miso-fermented veggies, spices like ichimi (chili) sansho and dried yuzu...

Kitchenware is available too, with a large selection of tea and sake cups, knives and chopsticks for any skill level.

And, obviously, food, mostly being freshly cut tuna, roasted mackerel or eel, giant oysters, Takoyaki (ball-shaped snacks filled with octopus) and Tako Tamago, candied baby octopus whose head is filled with boiled quail egg - savory taste with a light sweet note (the contrast is pretty much a fil rouge in Japan).

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