Osaka | Kuromon Ichiba Market: kitchen of Japan

Osaka is like a giant funfair full of colors, led, attractions and people. It can feel overwhelming at times but it requires at least one ride.

As it was the first main merchant town of the country, it got the reputation of ‘Kitchen of Japan’, and probably still is, especially when looking at the endless number of restaurants sitting next to each other.

Its market, Kuromon Ichiba market, is one of the biggest of the country and offers a wider selection of meat and fish compared to the Kyoto one, but less spices or veggies.

The omnipresent characters on the stage are wagyu beef (Kobe is only a few kilometers away), crab (grilled and finished with a yuzu soy sauce) and the 3 specialties of the house: takoyaki (ball shaped flour and egg based cakes filled with octopus and topped with green onions and bonito flakes), okonomiyaki (savoury pancakes topped with a bit of everything) and kushikatsu (deep fried skewers of meat and veggies).

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