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Osaka | Uncle Rikuro: jiggly cheesecake

The world has been talking about Rikuro’s cheesecake for days and my guess it is because Japanese people managed to invent something Americans would have liked to: a tall, jiggly and puffy cheesecake!

In Osaka, there are two historical pastry shops selling cheesecakes: Pablo and Rikuro. Pablo’s one is the most ‘conventional’ with a tick biscuit dough and a firm cheese filling.

As these days we have been stuffing ourselves like pigs - and these shops do not sell their cakes per slice - we decided to put ourselves only in the queue for Rikuro.

A relatively short wait, as cheesecakes are baked no-stop.

Despite its jiggly nature (but you should not imagine anything similar to gelatin), the cheesecake maintains a solid texture even immediately after being taken out of the oven and fire-marked on the top with the smiley face of uncle Rikuro - the marking is accompanied by the festive sound of a bell.

The cake has a strong egg smell and the taste is mild in cheese and not too sweet. The highlight is the presence of a few raisins on the bottom part.

Personally, not my favorite - used as I am to stronger flavors (as a Sicilian, the ‘cheesecake’ is a dough of white or buckwheat flour with a filling of ricotta cheese) - but always worth to try!

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