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Nara | Mizutani Chaya : soba noodles in deers’ company

Apart from having been the first capital of Japan and hosting the biggest bronze Buddha statue of the Country, in Nara it is possible to experience a full contact with nature and some of its beautiful inhabitants: deers.

Deers are everywhere in the Nara Park: under the trees, in the streets, lying on the grass, around kids, elderly, eating cookies and nuts. While looking astonishingly beautiful and cute, do not forget they are wild animals and may “gently” hit you with their heads or spread saliva on half of your coat to catch your attention and cookies!

Eating soba noodles is certainly the best way to relax your body after a few hours of deer-encounters while wondering around Nara’s parks. The food options are limited there and rush will play against you. Wait until you get almost at the end of the tour and you will end up in front of an isolated house with a long haired man collecting orders!

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