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Nara | Nakatadinou: mochi... ops, I did it again!

I really struggle resisting from being attracted by crowds queuing for food. Especially when, even in a country like Japan - where kindness and respect should be taken as an example for the rest of the world - the object of the queue is so desirable that people lose their quiet attitude and composure and the line looks more like a gathering of bees on a beehive.

That was the case just outside Nakatadinou, where mochi were sold just out of the oven, after a generous coating in in peanut powder.

After trying many mochi on the way, and ending up slightly overwhelmed, I promised myself that it would have been enough for the rest of the trip.

Luckily I was wrong as it was definitely the best one I had!

I strongly recommend to try the freshly baked version. Mochi becomes even more elastic while melting in your mouth. The peanut powder helps balancing the heat of the filling and it allow for a smooth transition.

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