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Tokyo | Afuri: unique ramen

How do you choose which ramen bowl will you stuff your face in in a city like Tokyo with uncountable choices?

Certainly there are a few options: (1) enter the first decent looking ramen shop with locals slurping at the table, (2) make your way to one of the traditional and popular chains spread around the city (just need to pick your neighbourhood), (3) go straight and without hesitation to Afuri.

Why would Afuri deserve a special treatment?

Because their ramen is different from any other.

Nothing against the traditional pork or chicken-based broths... God bless them!

But Afuri’s ramen has a freshness and a citric balance that is absolutely unique. It is mouth filling without being heavy, umami-connoted despite being citric, rich without being overwhelming.

If you are looking for a secret hero in the story, you will find it in yuzu, the popular yellow citrus fruit, that is used at Afuri in the chicken broth.

It’s the taste of Japan in the way you would not expect it and it feels somehow more authentic because unique.

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