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Tokyo | Sushi Yuu: at the court of Daisuke-san

Choosing a sushi restaurant in Tokyo is a challenge not to be underestimated: hundreds of places, dozens of starred ones, countless recommendations and not enough time to try them all.

What to do in this case?

Well.. that’s exactly the kind of Hamletic doubt I had while walking through the Kyoto fish market, until I heard a voice calling my name with a friendly American accent.

Few meters from there, the smile of Jorrit, one of the leaders of the company I work for, caught during a break in the middle of a long business trip in Asia. Him: “I just came from Tokyo! You have to absolutely try Sushi Yuu. You will love it!”.

I usually do not allow people to repeat such genuine recommendations twice.

And that’s how we ended up in front of a bonito and tuna tartare with yam foam at the court of Daisuke-san!

The pleasant loquacity of Daisuke, a young man on his 40’s, fluent in English - a rarity around here -, accompanies the omakase dinner that ranges from traditional and familiar dishes, like the blowtorched shirako (ingredient that we found originally in Kyoto) or the aji (horse mackerel), sun-dried on the roofs of the Japanese fisherman villages, to a parade of sushi, hosting the ‘the best shrimp in the world’ (according to the introduction made by Daisuke, still second to the red gamba from Mazara del Vallo in Sicily according to me) and, among the others, the most awaited tryptic of any sushi dinner – tuna in all its fat declinations.

Excellent in hospitality, quality and price value, Sushi Yuu is definitely the perfect address in Tokyo. Others may be more famous, renowned, acclaimed and definitively more expensive. But Daisuke makes you feel at home. It’s like going for dinner to an old and trusted friend. He will welcome you, he will take a picture with you, he will want to stay with touch and will remember about you.

And to end the meal, he will serve you the dessert his mom prepared, because mom is always mom everywhere in the world, and some homemade plum liquor. Like you would do with an old friend.

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