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Rome / Luciano - Cucina Italiana: THE carbonara

The history of Rome counts 7 kings: from Romulus, the founder, to Tarquinius Superbus, whose tyranny led to the end of the monarchy.

The A.S. Roma soccer fanatics added an eighth name to the list, Francesco Totti: venerated like a secular god, in the day of his last game at Stadio Olimpico, a banner was reading: ‘speravo de morì prima’ (I was hoping to die first’).

Despite the succession of kings, there is only one queen in Rome: the Carbonara. Carbonara for Romans is like a relative: the comfort of a mom, the generosity of a grandma, the trust of an aunt...

It belongs to everyone, trattorias and Michelin starred restaurants, and it’s democratic. And, as every other queen, she has a king (and to be fair, many excellent wooers): Luciano Monosilio, a career studying ‘how to paint the sky with stars’, changed in 2018 to open a new restaurant concept, the ‘Italian Cuisine’.

Handcrafting, excellent ingredients, traditional recipes.

A restaurant that looks at the future with a foot in the past, that has the ambition to be global while being anchored locally, that appeals for its approachability and surprises for its richness.

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