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Belval-Esch (Luxembourg) / Nonbe: Japanese food, western atmosphere

A bit of izakaya, a bit of sushi bar, a bit of kaiseki.

Three different concepts in one restaurant, a large space over two floors in Belval, rising neighborhood in the west of Esch-sur-Alzette, in south-western Luxembourg.

Three different concepts to catch the curiosity of those for which Japan is still ‘far’ east and the melancholy of those that would like to bring it closer but haven’t found their ‘petite madeleine’ in Luxembourg yet.

In the main dining room at the ground floor, the atmosphere is more western than oriental: large windows to welcome the light in, large tables to host the comfort of the guests, large sushi counter to remind the American chef’s tables, more than the romantic Jiro’s lookout point. While the kaiseki menu seems to be adapted to the western standards too, less rigorous in the succession of dishes and adjustable in quantity based on customers’ hunger, in the izakaya menu, the culinary traditions of the Japanese main cities relive: gyozas filled with pork and veggies, yakitori (skewers) of chicken flavored with sake and teriyaki, takoyaki (ball shaped cakes with octopus, Japanese mayo and katsuobushi) and many more, for a rich and satisfying menu.

The sushi and nigiri menu cannot boast the same length and variety - unagi is surprisingly missing - of the izakaya one, but at the moment is probably one of the best in Luxembourg, especially thanks to its Toro, Yellowtail and marinated Mackerel (best in class) offer.

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