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La Maddalena, Sardinia (Italy) / What to pack for a beach day?

The greatness of Italy and its food, it’s in the variety.

You could travel north to south, east to west and not repeating the same dish twice. Even on the beach, raking in the energy to swim your way through the blue beauty of the sea.

And if the northern regions prefer cold pasta or rice salad, Naples the frittat e maccarun - a pasta omelette with provola and salami - and Palermo the pasta al forno - oven-cooked ring-shaped pasta with ragout, at La Maddalena island, in the homonym astonishingly beautiful archipelago in the north of Sardinia, focaccia is the undisputed queen: with tomatoes, potatoes, myrtle, stuffed with peppers or ham and mozzarella, but also simply coated with a layer of salt in the longest of its version - the Lingua (tongue).

Ps. Be careful when holding it on the edge of the boat as sea eagles may think you are offering them lunch!

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