Alghero, Sardinia (Italy) / Ristorante Santa Marì: when Sardinia meets Mexico

Giuni Russo, a popular Italian singer, used to sing: ‘Mia madre non lo deve sapere / Non lo deve sapere che / Voglio andare ad Alghero / In compagnia di uno straniero’. The translated version is: ‘My mother should not know / she should not know that / I want to go to Alghero / With a company of a foreigner’.

Probably the mother was well aware of the effects on people of the scenic view from the Muralla del Carme and how dramatically beautiful and romantic the sea stretches as far as the eye can see.

​But the restaurant I’m ready to tell you about is actually the venture of a couple of Sardinians and 2 foreigners: a man from the north of Italy and a Mexican woman.

At Ristorante Santa Marì, Sardinia and its sea meets Mexico: the freshest langustines, oysters, blue shrimps, tuna and mussels paired with pico de gallo, mango, corn tortilla chips and lime.

If the ‘fusion’ applies to some dishes (or part of them), most of the dishes are either exclusively Mexican or an evolution of traditional Italian dishes.

Certainly an address to experience the amazing quality of the Sardinian fish, in a contemporary key.

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