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Luxembourg / Pas Sage: fish tapas wisdom

Marinated mackerel, dill

The name of this tapas bar in the center of Luxembourg City means literally ‘Not wise’ - but I always wonder whether it is just a way to play with the word ‘passage’.

Certainly ‘Not wise’ plays more wildly with the imagination... It’s an invite to abundance, to unleash wishes and rushed decisions, to indulge into excess and lack of forgiveness.

Tuna, sesame, wasabi

In reality, the place is more well thought than its name may recall, certainly because the owner has noble origins in the business (Baptiste is son of the owner of Brasserie Guillaime) but also because it is built around a solid french and Luxembourg wine list and a short but excellent selection of taps, mostly landing on fresh and lightly marinated fish (a family trademark).

The major downside is the closing time of the kitchen, 8 pm. Certainly early, but you can call in advance and ‘book’ your food.

Sea bream ceviche

Tip: get a glass of Rully ‘San nom’.

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