Luxembourg / Michelin Guide 2020: (almost) flat sea in Luxembourg

If you came to Ghent from Luxembourg to watch the starred sky, today it was quite a cloudy day, alternated by silent storms that have diluted the contribution of stars of the Grand Duchy.

Silent because, differently from other countries counting hundreds of stars, the presentation of the BeLux guide avoids the public pillory of mentioning the fallen stars (and the subsequent buzz in the room), by leaving the exercise to the press release.

Michelin has confirmed the relatively flat situation of the fine dining landscape in Luxembourg, with no new restaurant awarded and an important debacle.

Mosconi, from its idyllic postcard position in the in the Grund, loses one star, leaving the stage of the 2 Michelin star to the monologue of Cyril Molard and its Ma langue sourit.

In the lack of other reasons to celebrate, the thud from the fall becomes even louder.

Different situation in Belgium, where many young chefs filled with joy and emotion the room at the Flandres Expo: a special mention goes to the young chef award for Jean Vrijdaghs & Sébastien Hankard, chefs of the restaurant Le Gastronome in Paliseul (Luxembourg province of Belgium), also awarded with the Michelin star.

A bit less young but equally living a 'first time' emotion is Jan Tournier of the restaurant Cuchara, awarded with 2 stars.

Lastly, the confirmation of the 3 Michelin stars for Hof van Cleve, historical address - and most seasoned chef on the stage -, who keeps its seat in this very exclusive club counting approx 140 restaurants in the world.

Probably not the news attended by the room that reacted with less enthusiasm than expected, but the responsibility is to be attributed to Michelin that set up the announcement as a 'new joiner' more than a confirmation.

The long time candidate to the highest podium in Belgium, Bon Bon restaurant, will need to wait at least one more year.



Ma Langue Sourit



La Distillerie

Lea Linster


La Cristillerie

Le Jardin d'Anais


Guillou Campagne

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