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Belgrade / Bio Zrno.1: homemade healthy biscuits

Whoever said you can eat only big portions in Belgrade, apparently hasn’t discovered a snacking paradise.

A concept of healthy food shops can be found wherever in the entire country and stands for a daily stopover at any time around the year.

More than that, these shops welcome all types of foodies, from weight watchers to more gourmet types.

The idea is rather simple, you may buy everything by gram: from flour, spices, tee, to cookies, grissini, crackers, bread without yeast, nuts, tofu, oil, jams, honey, premade sandwiches, desserts…

Although the selection is very wide and diverse, a common aspect lies in all ingredients being either wholegrain, sugar free, vegan or vegetarian.

Unlike in other countries where this concept is widely spread but in a form of fancy supermarkets where word bio and healthy products come with double the regular price, those in Belgrade are actually very affordable.

The whole principle is about collecting small private producers specialised in different recipes and types of food and offering it at fair prices.

Having many of the products done by hand makes it is even more compelling as the taste is more genuine and homey, while the creativity of its craftsmen makes the selection very interesting and evolving.

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