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Cuzco | Chicha: the outpost of Gaston Acurio’s empire in the Andes

To understand the greatness of Gaston Acurio and his relevance in the Peruvian cuisine, it’s enough to mention that when surveyed on who the President of the country should be, Peruvians placed the chef at the top of list.

Acurio has been key to establish Peruvian cuisine and offer it in a modern and attractive style.

Chicha is his restaurant on the second floor of one of the buildings facing Plaza Regocijo, one block away from Plaza de Armas in Cusco.

The name, Chicha, is an homage to the fermented corn drink popular in the Andes.

Food is regional, heavy on meat and potatoes, with a slightly refined touch, far from the fine dining experience of the Lima restaurant.

It may appear - and it is - very touristic, but at least it offers a safe and trustworthy option.

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