Cuzco | Map café: fine dining at 3.400 masl

Only after booking the flight to Cusco at 5PM, I found out that landing in the afternoon is not for faint-hearted.

Cuzco airport is in a valley surrounded by the giant peaks of the Andes. The sharp edges of the mountains witness the slow landing of the planes offering a breathtaking horizon... BUT...

Darkness, clouds, wind and basically anything else but bright sun and cloudless sky are not Cuzco airport friendly!

So, after jumping up and down, and hearing crackling thunders shaking the plane left and right, we finally landed in Cuzco...

Filled with a decent amount of coca leaves tea (it calms down the effects of the altitude sickness at the expense of a full bladder), we made our way to a highly recommended restaurant, the café of the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art.

A beautiful location overlooking the court of the museum, for a restaurant whose style gets inspiration much more from the opposite side of the pond instead of pushing the gas on the local opportunities.

Great expectations and excellent service, registering its highest in the moment the waiter anticipated our answer to the question “are you allergic to anything?” with a sincere “only to the ‘mala comida’”.

The food in the end was average, probably due to the expectations not meeting the size of the bill and the creativity of the chef.

Still we had the opportunity to try alpaca meat and a few seasonal roots and veggies.

Quick round to the toilet (damn tea) and back home, waiting for Machu Picchu.

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