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Lima | El mercado: bienvenidos a Lima

13 December 2019

Our landing in lima is welcomed by 20 degrees, the breeze of the ocean, a bit of smog and Diego, a very kind man that has been waiting for us for more than 2 hours while waiting to go through immigration.

More than 12 hours flight are definitely worth the first Pisco sour of the trip.

Bienvenidos a Lima.

Miraflores is a residential and upscaled district in Lima. Far from the European definition of ‘upscaled’, Miraflores has the luxury the extend itself for several kilometers in front of the Ocean, grab its waves, smells and the rays of an unleashed sun.

After a long morning walk, with paragliders filling the sky and surfboards the ocean - and a purple neck, of the same color of the local camote (sweet potatoes) - we made our way into El Mercado, for one that will be one of the best meals of our trip.

El mercado is the pop restaurant of Rafael Osterling, one of the most influential Peruvian chefs. Pop restaurants here are called cebicherias and combine the vibes of the city, its essence, its energy, its conviviality and love for good food.

The indoor courtyard dining room speaks for the conviviality of the place and its laid back approach, while still offering a contemporary setting.

The food is just amazing. Whatever you touch is transformed in a umami symphony: the mineral taste of seafood blends in with the other ingredients, the citric of the lime somehow becomes lightly sweet, the spicy of the aji gives in to welcome its fruity flavor.

Ceviches with the catch of the day are unmissable (top 3 of our trip) and the same is true for the scallops or the octopus cooked on the grill....

I was about to forget: wash it down with glasses of pisco sour or michelada!

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