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Lima | Monterrico market: ceviche for breakfast

Back to Lima for less than 24 hours before catching our plane back to Europe.

Enough to find out that my friend Mariwi is in town to spend Christmas with her family.

Mariwi: “Tomorrow morning I’ll bring you to the best market in the world. I’ll see you at Monterrico at 10am. Skip breakfast.”

And that’s the story of how we ended up eating ceviche and drinking countless pisco sour no stop for 6 hours.

The entrance of the market is an experience itself, welcomed by a chaotic order: stands, people, fruits, colors. We made our way to the ‘main square’ of this covered market. In the middle, two stands, both offering ceviche. On the left side, spicier and zesty, on the right, sweeter and mild. 5 euros+ depending on the fish choice. Que rico!

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