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Moutfort (Luxembourg) | Ma langue sourit: the highest rated restaurant of the Grand Duchy

Scallop, Black truffle, Hazelnut oil

Michelin and Gault Millau do not rank restaurants on their platforms but when the vox ispectoris (I made it up) goes into one direction, then the ranking is done. And while we could debate where their hearts beat when it comes to the silver and bronze placements, no doubts on the winner of the gold medal: Ma langue sourit, the restaurant in Moutfort, the restaurant of the commander in chief Cyril Molard.

2 Michelin stars, 18/20 Gault Millau (and 2019 chef of the year award), the recent inclusion in Les Grandes Tables du Monde, to consecrate Ma langue sourit as the best restaurant in Luxembourg.

Lobster, butter, broccoli

The cuisine of Ma langue sourit is classical french fine dining: sophisticated, contemporary, not avant-guarde.

Ingredients are assembled, more than mixed, flavours exalted more than blended together.

The dishes are a blaze of fine products, sauces and etiquette: the lobster with its butter sauce, the mullet with duck sauce and bitter orange (probably the highlight of the night), the scallop with black truffle and the Angus beef paired to its juice.

Angus, Gold and Red Beetroot

An address certainly worth the visit for those who want to experience the highest form of the Luxembourg fine dining, in an opulent french way and in a location that has been fully refurbished a couple of years ago (fact that has certainly put a hand in the decision to award the restaurant with the second star).

What's next for Cyril Molard? We do not know. But we may wish him to put his talent outside of the comfort zone of his technical skills, to embrace new flavors, new paths, new adventures. Without the fear of looking at the starred sky.

Fortes fortuna iuvat.

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