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Luxembourg | Scott’s pub: the Copernican revolution

Can you imagine a pub that used to serve frozen pizzas and crisps until a few months ago, changing into a place with a huge Texan smoker, cells for fermentation, applying sustainability and zero waste principles, been supplied by local farmers and having plans to expand with a new test kitchen?

Scott’s is undergoing a transformation, and as any transformation it requires a vision and a proper execution. The vision is the one of Diogo, in its double role of manager and foodie (he has also a defect: he doesn’t like wine). The execution is left to the brain and hands of chef Hugo and his staff (with Nuno in pole position with his smiley and positive attitude). And when they cook, they have a lot of fun.

If there is a secret in this transformation is certainly that: fun. There is a sense of freedom in the kitchen of Scott's that make these guys enjoy what they do... and people in the dining room feel the same.

Isn't in the end what any form of food service should provide? In our daily lives we have plenty of occasions to feed ourselves. We can decide to eat something healthy, greasy, flavorful or tasteless. It's our choice and in most of the cases, it fills only the task to nourish our bodies.

And a pub, a restaurant, a food stall, have the obligation to give you more: an escape from the routine, a playful experience, a warming feeling.

Keep up with the good work guys!

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