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Milan / Nebbia: synonymous of Milan

Nebbia. Like Fog. Like the one in the framed photo that welcomes the guests. Like the smoked grey of the walls of the dining room, a dining room that embraces a style that mixes Nordic wooden shapes in and infiltration of the 50’s italian design. Fog, like the one in the milanese weather, that is in reality much brighter when you look it with optimistic eyes. Nebbia, like the one that disappear when Marco Marone brings on the table the first dish.

Like fog (nebbia) is a synonymous of Milan, the cuisine is up to date with the latest trends and an offer that looks at great products, lightly manipulated, and combined with few seasonal ingredients. A cuisine of tastes, that follows the path of the new trattorias and does not ‘run after’ fine dining claims despite the experience is not missing in the curricula of the 2 chefs (it has to be said as well that nowadays the trend seems to be ‘running away’ from fine dining).

We opted for a full nose-to-tail menu, brain to tripes, passing for heart and liver. The menu does not lack other options but the heart goes where it goes! Interesting the wine menu as well, with a selection of artisanal wines , with some hot picks from Piedmont.

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