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Zurich | Gül : Fresh air in Zurich

Something that I learnt over the past few years traveling to Zurich, is that local restaurateurs invest a lot of attention into the overall dining experience (atmosphere, service, products) and less into gourmet ‘fireworks’ efforts.

The risk though is to often land on restaurants with excellent service but a dining experience lacking the WOW effect and often anchored to the fast of the past.

Almost one year ago Zürich welcomed the opening of a Turkish restaurant, Gül, in a hidden back yard few meters away from Langstrasse.

A young venture and spirit, that moves away from the formality of many restaurants of the city, bringing in copper and oriental tiles together with a certain sobriety in the service approach.

Turkish food is at its best, fulfilling without being overwhelming, rich without being pretentious, authentic without being trivial.

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